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Celebrity Costume Wigs

We are proud to present our 2017 collection of Celebrity Costume Wigs. Made from the most premium of fibres on the market, our luxurious designs feel and flow like real human hair. Our celebrity wigs feature iconic styles inspired by trend setting stars including Rihanna and Alexa Chung while our range of costume wigs are based on eternally popular characters such as Lara Croft and Jessica Rabbit. Embrace the 2017 fashion and revamp your hair style, even just for the night, with one of our lavish celebrity costume wigs.

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66 Item(s)
Khloe Kardashian Wig
Product ID : 4367
Price: £31.99

Blonde Bob Fashion Wig
Product ID : 4603
Price: £21.99

Kardashian Fashion Ombre Wig
Product ID : 4600
Price: £22.99

Little Mermaid Costume Wig
Product ID : 4599
Price: £27.99

Orange Bombshell Wig
Product ID : 4602
Price: £27.99

Kim Kardashian Ombre Dip Dye Wig
Product ID : 4511
Price: £31.99

Unicorn Rainbow Costume Wig
Product ID : 4532
Price: £27.99

Elsa Frozen Costume Wig
Product ID : 4421
Price: £27.99

Cruella Deville Voluminous Bob Wig
Product ID : 4396
Price: £26.99

Lauren Conrad Wig
Product ID : 4535
Price: £31.99

Margaret Thatcher Granny Costume Wig
Product ID : 4363
Price: £25.99

Long Black Fashion Afro Wig
Product ID : 4524
Price: £24.99

Grey Ombre Fashion Wig
Product ID : 4528
Price: £26.99

Mermaid Wig
Product ID : 4530
Price: £19.99

Queen Elizabeth Granny Costume Wig
Product ID : 3947
Price: £25.99

Merida Brave Costume Wig
Product ID : 4433
Price: £29.99

Amber Le Bon Long Wig
Product ID : 4434
Price: £23.99

Blonde Beehive Wig
Product ID : 4510
Price: £31.99

Anna Frozen Wig
Product ID : 4422
Price: £27.99

Blonde Lady Gaga Super Wig
Product ID : 4057
Price: £29.99

66 Item(s)